Natural Concrete Sleepers


Our concrete sleepers in the natural grey shade are versatile, suiting any kind of garden and giving your garden’s design an organic flow.

These sleepers do exactly as they are named, making your retaining and garden walls seem like a natural part of your garden – as if they were grown rather than built. For garden walls that feel like they belong, the natural shade is your best choice.

They are also extremely strong, made of precast concrete with steel reinforcing and come in two standard sizes of 2 metres and 2.4 metres. We can also provide customised sizes as well. Our sleepers can be used for walls up to 4.6 metres high. They last longer and wear better than timber for retaining walls, and have an attractive sturdiness and strength. They are less likely to need looking after, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your garden than maintaining the hard landscaping.

Please note : Minimum order is $500 + per order, all orders to be placed & paid online ( no counter sales available )

Colour Variation
Due to changes in raw materials used to make concrete sleepers, variations in colour can sometimes occur.
When ordering your product, we recommend ordering all elements of your project together to reduce the possibility of colour variation. While they will be very close, we do not guarantee different batches will be the same colour.
Efflorescence (a crystalline salt deposit) is a natural occurrence in masonry products. Efflorescence does not affect the structural integrity or strength of the product.
Efflorescence will usually diminish and disappear in the course of time as the product is exposed to the outside elements. We can not take responsibility for the occurrence of efflorescence.



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