Slate Sleepers


Slate is named for the fine-grained rock of the same colour: dark grey with an azure tinge.

It’s a classic colour in garden design which works beautifully with greens and brilliant florals, and it works well for both the traditional English garden and more contemporary garden designs. A versatile and enduring colour which is heritage and modern at the same time, slate is a solid colour choice for your garden’s retaining walls.

Our concrete sleepers are enduring, lasting a life-time without the constant maintenance required by timber sleepers in your garden walls. This endurance comes from the high strength concrete and steel reinforcing used in their construction, which makes concrete sleepers impervious to the weather and wood-eating pests. We have sleepers available in standard sizes of 1.2 metres to 1.8 metres, or we can make them to your specific measurements.

You can use our sleepers to build walls over 4 metres high, and the levels of concrete and steel they contain vary depending on the type of wall you want to build.


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