Sleeper Grab


  • 350kg max lifting load
  • “Patent Pending”
  • Fully engineered and designed for lifting concrete sleepers and block walls
  • Certificate number NAS4599
  • Max opening of the sleeper grab is 140mm wide

Please note : Minimum order is $500 + per order, all orders to be placed & paid online ( no counter sales available ) 


  1. The device is to be connected to the lifting equipment via certified lifting cables or straps and attached with the shackle provided.
  2. Before using the lifting device, check the grab to make sure there is no damage or cracks and the grab is in good working order, all bolts to be tighten to 0.5mm gap under lock nut.
  3. The device is to be placed over the product, set down, lift the lock lever and then the grab can be lifted slightly to cause it to grip. Make sure the grips are holding firmly on the load by before you begin the task of lifting, transporting and placing the load.
  4. Set the load down on the ground and lock the lever so that the device can be lifted without closing up and then lift the grab from the object.
Safety Instructions
  • Check gripping pads to make sure there is no damage, which could lead to the load slipping from the grips and causing injury or death. If there is any damage make sure the grab is not to be used until pads are replaced.
  • Before using the device check the functions and check the working conditions for lift, transport and placement. Always keep grab in good working condition.
  • Do not use device, until all faults are repaired or replaced. “WHEN IN DOUBT DO NOT USE”
  • If there are splits or separation on the lifting pads of the device stop using it immediately.
  • The sleeper grab must be checked every 3 months or 250 hours and a written report on the operating condition of the sleeper grab must be kept in the company or owner files.
  • The operating instructions must be available at all workplaces.